2nd Quarter Newsletter

July 8, 2019

Happy 4TH OF JULY  

We would like to welcome all new homeowners to our community, and hope you are enjoying your new home and neighborhood.  

We will be having a 3rd Quarter H.O.A. members meeting at Beltway North Church off Hwy 351 on July 16th at 7-9pm, in room 111. As always all are welcome to attend, we are hoping to have a good turnout.

I would like to also remind everyone Oct. is election time and the board is going to need volunteers to help-out. I’m resigning and the board is already shorthanded, so please consider giving a little of your time and help out.

We also went to talk to the attorney about the H.O.A. by-laws and restrictions. We will be talking about the changes that may be coming up.

Don’t forget there will be parade come through the neighborhood on the 4th about 10am. You can sit in your yard and watch or join them at the park and be part of it, all are welcome to participate. If you need more info contact us @ Heritageparksabilene.com

We hope everyone enjoys the 4th and we will see you at the meeting.

President H.O.A.
Johnny Anders

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