2019 1st Quarter Members Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2019

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Location: Beltway North, Abilene, Texas
Board Members in Attendance:

  • President: Johnny Anders
  • Vice President: Vlad Gorbenko
  • Treasurer: Gale Armstrong
  • Officer/Curb Inspections: Lisa & Philip Blair

Meeting called to order: 7:02 pm


  • Open with silent prayer.
  • Welcome new residents.
  • Approve minutes from last meeting (Oct. 23, 2018)
    • Motion to approve, Johnny
    • Seconded, Tim Kennedy

New Business:

  • Finance Report presented and reviewed by President.
  • Vlad further explained big ticket item is landscaping expense and big ticket administrative expense is bookkeeping.
  • Discuss Curb Inspection.
  • Lisa Blair explained curb inspection procedure. She also explained the current statistics and numbers for each specific violation.
  • Tim Kennedy, resident, asked if fines are posted online.  He also asked what needs to happen to change some of the items on the inspection list.  He also commented that the list is not complete.
  • There were various questions and discussions from residents concerning the open garage door violation. Many residents want the open garage door violation removed from the Deed Restrictions, and a discussion was led by Vlad concerning the procedure for that to happen.
  • Vlad made a motion to: “temporarily postpone the enforcement of Section 3 of Amended Covenants for 45 days or until the restrictive covenants can be consolidated.”
    • Motion seconded by Mary Jane Waldron, resident.
    • Results from vote: 
      • For – 26
      • Against – 6
  • Lisa Blair disagreed with results of vote. She stated that these are the Bylaws and need to be enforced as written.  If we choose which violations to enforce, then the rules become subjective and we cannot pick and choose which violations to enforce.

Open Floor for Questions:

  1. Resident wants to build in his backyard and does he need approval?Vlad looked at the structure on the resident’s phone and said that he did not need permission.  Vlad further went on to explain the procedure for making changes to a resident’s front yard.  A resident who wants to make changes to his/her front yard needs to email Vlad and he will make the decision on that request.  Vlad further explained that a very high percentage of requests do get approved.
  2. Johnny addressed the expense of the Enclave fence.  The upkeep is very expensive and he is planning a visit to an attorney to discuss this issue.  Johnny wants to suggest to the attorney that the residents who have that portion of the fence in their yard be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep.
  3. Johnny explained that the Board has hired a new landscaping firm to maintain the common areas in the HOA.  The new company is More Clean of Texas.  Johnny and Vlad will be meeting with the President of More Clean of Texas this week to clarify some issues that are being neglected or overlooked.
  4. Johnny announced that there are two (2) open positions on the Board: the Secretary position and the Events Coordinator position.

Adjournment:The meeting adjourned at 8:34 p.m.

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