2018 2nd Quarter Members Meeting Minutes

August 20, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Location: Beltway North Room 111, Abilene, Texas

Board Members in Attendance:

  • President: Johnny Anders
  • Vice President: Vlad Gorbenko
  • Secretary: Sarah Burch
  • Officer/Events Coordinator: Chris Smith
  • Officer/Curb Inspector: John Hernandez

Members in attendance: 40 Members present

Meeting called to order: 7:09 p.m.


  • Open with silent prayer
  • Introduce new residents
    • 25 houses sold last 6 mo
    • 2217 Homestead Place – Chris Johnson
  • Approve minutes from last meeting (01/16/2018)
    • Resident requested we add to minutes re: the missing mail discussed last meeting – residents should sign up for “USPS Informed Delivery”
    • Motion to approve, Johnny
    • Seconded, Vlad
    • Approved with above noted addendum

New Business:

  • Review budget report
    • Paper copy passed around to residents
    • Nell Wood is not present – if you need a copy of the report, let her know and she will get one to you.
    • $75k in bank, $6k CD, $36k in savings, $35k in checking (some $ was moved from checking to savings)
    • $21k spent this year on maintenance/improvements – trees trimmed, sprinklers updated, new park benches installed, new picnic table coming in 1-2 weeks, flower bed updates
  • Remind everyone of new HOA phone (325-794-7957)
    • President has been using personal email/phone for last two years – with election coming up in October the Board decided to get HOA phone # – will always be HOA president #
    • Number was also sent to residents via newsletter
  • Open floor for anyone with new business
    • Resident mentioned she did not get newsletter – she is billed annually via mail – Johnny said she still should have been mailed the newsletter and asked her to get with him after the meeting
    • Chris Smith reminded everyone that email addresses are not shared and sending the newsletter via email is the best way to save the HOA $ (postage, paper, envelopes)

Old Business:

  • Park area benches
    • Benches have been installed
    • Picnic tables coming in the next 1-2 weeks
  • Curb inspections included in newsletter
    • What was in the newsletter are our actual HOA rules, not arbitrary rules made up at some point
    • Resident asked where to feed bylaws/deed restrictions – best place is website (heritageparksabilene.com)
    • Residents complaint to Johnny about curb violations – curb inspector goes out 2x/mo, takes photos, sends to residents to try to get them to resolve before fining them, and then follows up with them
    • Johnny asked residents what they would like to see happen – much discussion about being too strict or not strict enough – general agreement seems to be continue 2x/mo curb inspections and current process – with one warning and then followed up with fines
    • HOA will investigate extenuating circumstances between warning and fine
    • City ordinances also come into place and residents can be reported to the city for additional fines
    • Resident asked about fence upkeep – HOA has the right address fence facing the public, fences between neighbors are the responsibility of both residents (price should be split between them)
    • Resident brought up fence at Independence & Beacon Hill – Vlad asked for address – they have a German Shepherd and the fence facing Indepence is in poor repair
    • Resident asked if addition to subdivision has accepted our covenants/bylaws/deed restrictions – YES
    • Resident asked about for sale/rent signs in yards – these are allowed – no signs or billboards elsewhere in neighborhood advertising home, builders, or open houses are allowed
    • Resident asked about beware of dog sign – not allowed
    • Biggest issues are grass/weed heights, boats parked in neighborhood (24-48 hours is okay), Campers/RV’s parked in neighborhood (1-2 weeks is okay), trailers are grey area – if they stay attached to a work truck they are okay, if they are unhitched and parked, they are not okay
    • One Resident has been hit with an HOA lien due to past dues fines and doesn’t care/will not pay/will not keep up property – nothing we can do unless they try to sell, we are out of luck if they file bankruptcy, we could get an attorney to put it on their credit or foreclose on them
  • Rental properties
    • 40% of neighborhood is currently rental properties – homeowners start losing voting power when landlords become a majority
    • Board has discussed speaking with an attorney to cap rentals and update bylaws so that Residents who rent out their property must include HOA addendum in lease, HOA must get a copy of signed lease, etc
    • Want to send new renters a welcome letter just like we do new homeowners (with website, nextdoor link, inspection and fine info, etc)
  • Animals
    • Feral cats in Independence/Boston area and Valley Forge/Republic area
    • Residents hear a pack of coyotes running pastures/crossing 351
    • Resident asked about adding waste disposal stations throughout neighborhood with bags
      • Limited HOA space to install, people aren’t going to want them on their private property
      • Expenses – stations, bags, and hiring someone to empty them – not fair to ask HOA Board to empty the stations
    • Johnny is trying to get a 4-way stop at new Plymouth Rock intersection
    • Sprinklers/Flower Beds
      • Updating sprinklers to include rain sensors/timers (system is 20-25 years old – having to do it in pieces)
      • 351 landscaping – sharp/rusting trim – looking at moving rocks over there or ripping out that landscaping
      • All subject to priority and availability of funds
    • Resident thanked Johnny and Board for all the hard work and projects
    • Do homeowners want us to go to attorney to discuss some of the issues (enforcing fines, renters, combining blanket guidelines where we can)?
      • All present agree that would be best
      • We will send out proxies and letters to get everyone to vote – mail it out and say if you don’t respond you’re voting yes

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m.

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