January Newsletter

August 14, 2017

From the Board Members

Our goal for the year of 2017 is to Establish and maintain a strong financial foundation for all. We are also striving for better relationships and communications with the home owners of Heritage Parks Abilene, Texas. We as board members are here to help everyone to understand the bylaws and deed restrictions while maintaining the value of our community. We look forward to seeing you at the meetings.

Current Board Members

President:  Johnny Anders
Johnny has lived in Abilene since 1998. He has been employed at Procter Automotive for 10 yrs. He moved in Heritage Parks in Oct. 2015.

Vice President:  Vlad Gorbenko
Vlad has lived in Heritage Parks since May 2014. He has worked at TLP/PSC architecture since his graduation from ACU in 2008. He is a licensed interior designer in the state of Texas.

Secretary:  Bridget Hare 
Bridget has lived in Abilene since March 2013. She works for The Texas Workforce, helping customers find employment and local resources to help them to become self-sufficient.

Treasurer:  Doug Offermann 
Doug has lived in Heritage Parks since 2011. He is a certified public accountant. He has been on the board since 2013 .He was the treasurer of a HOA in Illinois.

Accounting/bookkeeper:  Kelsey Powers 
Kelsey has lived in Heritage Parks since Sept. 2016. She has her masters in Accounting from Kansas State University, she has been working in public and private accounting firms her whole career.

Other Changes for 2017

As a Board we have decided to bring our Accounting back in house. The billing has not been 100% correct for the year 2016 Please give us time to make correction in the billing. We are aware that some were not getting their quarterly statements. If your statement is incorrect please notify us with receipts so it will help us correct the billing

Set Up Your Draft

Setting up auto draft for your dues is easy to do. It will save the Heritage Parks HOA money, allowing us to do more with your dues. To sign up online you can find the form online at heritageparksabilene.com

Next meeting Date

January 24, 2017 @ 7:00 pm. At Beltway Baptist Church on HWY 351

Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday, January 21, 2017 @ Subway HWY 351

Roll Call
Approve minutes
Review Financial Report
President report – Johnny Anders
Discuss curb inspection and vote only the board as a group can give violation
Vote on Doug’s Resignation and no more code enforcer
Look at new work sheet for home sales
Newsletter for Bridgette on new sales Open for new Business Next Directors Meeting
Adjourn Meeting


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