April Newsletter

August 14, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday April 15, 2017 East Lake Rd. Entrance

The HPHA Easter Egg hunt will be@ 1:00pm at the East Lake Rd. entrance and park area. We will Block the entrance off so traffic will not be in or out. We will have May Farms with a small animal petting zoo, along with other fun activities. We will have two golden egg prizes.

Please come join us for this fun event.

From the President

Remember to keep your lawns mowed, edged and trimmed on a weekly basis during the mowing season to avoid fines. Also be aware of any fence repair that may need addressed.

The HPHA has chosen not to have the 2nd quarter members meeting, due to no changes and nothing new to report at this time. My apologies for not have a financial statement this quarter, we are still in the process of getting Quick books straightened out. We will have a financial statement for 3rd quarter.


It was requested that we change the speed limit in the community and also put “children at play” signs up. I have talked to City Official James Rogge which states the state residential speed limit is 30mph and cannot be lowered. And as for the “children at play” signs, the state of Texas has prohibited the signs.

Johnny Anders- President

Vlad Gorbenko- Vice President

Bridgette Hare-Treasure/secretary

Kelsey Powers- Accountant


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