2017 3rd Quarter Members Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 6:30pm

Location: Beltway North Church, Abilene, Texas

Number of Members Present: 28 signed in, 30 were in attendance.
A quorum was not met but none was needed since there was no voting required at the meeting.

Board Members Present:

  • President: Johnny Anders
  • Vice President: Vlad Gorbenko
  • Secretary: Kelsey Powers
  • Treasurer: Gale Armstrong
  • Board Member/Bookkeeper: Nell Wood
  • Board Member: Trace Broadfoot

Board Members not in Attendance:

  • Board Member: Bridgette Hare

President Johnny Anders Open with Silent Prayer

Meeting called to order: 6:30 pm


  1. Discuss financial report and changes to billing to semi-annually and annually.
    • Nell Wood presented the YTD 2017 financial report of the HOA.
      • Please contact Nell if you would like a copy of the financials.
    • Nell explained that billings will go from quarterly to semi-annual or annually, the choice
      of the homeowner. This will begin January 1, 2018. All monthly drafts will be canceled
      and quarterly/semi-annual/annual drafts will be allowed.
  2. Discuss curb inspections.
    • Johnny Anders stated that curb inspections that were previously put on hold will resume July 1.
  3. Discuss new H.P.H.A Section 9 wanting to join us.
    • Johnny Anders informed the members that the new/rezoned area (Across from Plymouth Rock and Liberty) will be incorporated into HPHA as it is developed.
  4. Discuss sending out voting ballots on upcoming dues increases.
    • Voting ballots will be sent out with Q4 billings.
      • A quorum must be established for voting purposes and we hope to achieve that by way of mail in ballot.
      • The Board is proposing dues be raised $3/mo./billable lot.
    • Discussion between the members was to possible add a special assessment with or instead of the monthly lot increase on the voting ballots. The Board stated they would put together a budget for the repairs needed and decide on how much of a special assessment would be needed to take care of the repairs and possible list that as an option on the ballot.
  5. Discuss updating the landscaping on East Lake Rd. Entrance.
    • Johnny Anders informed the members of the increase in cost or our monthly water bills.
    • Discussed that the entire sprinkler system needs repair/replacing.
      • We are constantly repairing our current sprinkler system at the two entrances which are about 20 year old. These areas are in need of replacement. It will be extremely expensive to replace the system so the Board is in the process of obtaining quotes from vendors and discussing priohty zones to replace to hopefully break up the replacement into zones allowing for smaller costs spread over time.
    • Discussing going to zero-scape landscape.
      • The entrance on East Lake Rd. is not growing well due to issues in the sprinkler system. The Board is getting quotes for and looking into replacing the grass around the trees in the median with stone/gravel (zero-scape) which would not only reduce water costs but also enrich the appearance of the area.
  6. Open floor for new business.
    • No new business was presented.


  • The meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.
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